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Lawsuit Filed Over Salmonella at N.C. Restaurant

A lawsuit has been filed against North Carolina restaurant Tarheel Q after an incident involving salmonella-contaminated food. The lawsuit was recently filed by the law firm of Ron Simon & Associates, along with local counsel Janet, Jenner & Suggs, on behalf of a Greensboro resident who was made ill after eating at the restaurant earlier this month. According to the lawsuit, the woman became sick after eating salmonella-contaminated food at the restaurant and was sent to the hospital. The woman is still recovering from the illness.  Read more about the suit.

SR Suntour Recalls Bicycles Due to Crash Hazard

SR Suntour has issued a recall on its bicycles with SR Suntour bicycle forks due to a crash hazard. As stated in the recall, “the bolt that attaches the upper part of the bicycle’s fork to the lower part of the fork can break or separate and cause the front wheel to come off the bicycle.” Nearly 70,000 of the bikes were in production in the United States and about 33,000 in Canada. The company has received 15 reports of incidents in which bolts broke or separated. Two of the reports included minor injuries.

Indiana University Health Faces Lawsuit Alleging Fraud

Indiana University Health is facing a lawsuit alleging that it committed fraud by sending high-risk, low-income women to nursing assistants, rather than to doctors, as their paperwork stated. The whistleblower lawsuit was filed by a doctor who served as director of women’s services at HealthNet as well as medical director of ob-gyn services at IU Health Methodist Hospital. The lawsuit alleges that the hospital sent the high-risk, low-income female patients to nursing assistants, when they needed to be seen by doctors. It further alleges that the hospital fraudulently claimed that the women had been treated by doctors.

Alabama Bill HB208 – to help prevent opiate overdose deaths in Alabama

There is currently a bill (HB208) to help prevent opiate overdose deaths in Alabama.   I encourage you to take a few minutes and write your representative to encourage him or her to vote YES to HB208. 

 As I am sure most of you already know, opiate overdoses, including heroin overdoses, have become a public health emergency in Alabama over the last couple of years.  In fact, the number of deaths from heroin overdose doubled in Jefferson County (Alabama’s most populous county) just last year. 

 The lives of thousands of people in the U.S. have been saved by laypersons administering a life-saving medication- it’s called Naloxone(a.k.a., Narcan)

 Here is the first problem:  Access to Naloxone is currently limited in Alabama.    HB208 would make Naloxone available to family members, friends, or other persons, including law enforcement personnel, who may be in a position to assist a person experiencing a suspected opioid overdose. 

 Here is what you need to know about Naloxone:  1) It blocks the opiate receptor sites in the brain and, once administered, it will reverse an opiate overdose; 2) Naloxone is NOT a controlled substance and has NO abuse potential; 3) Naloxone is available in a nasal spray, so any layperson should be able to administer it; 4) While Naloxone does cause sudden unpleasant opiate withdrawal symptoms for those actually suffering an opiate overdose (such as nausea and vomiting), the alternative is often death or serious brain damage; and 4) Naloxone is harmless, with NO negative effects if it is accidently administered to someone NOT experiencing an opiate overdose.

 Here’s the second problem: The vast majority of heroin use is done in the presence of others, but the majority of people who have died in Alabama from heroin overdose are found alone – abandoned out of fear of arrest.  Twenty-one other states have already addressed this problem by amending their laws to provide limited protection for “Good Samaritans” – people who summon aid and remain with the victim until help arrives. 

 HB208 would offer limited immunity for certain controlled substance offenses or underage drinking for persons who seek emergency medical assistance for another person.  If you, or someone you know, has been impacted by the disease of addiction, please consider encouraging your representative to support this bill.  Better still, even if you have never met anyone whose life has been impacted in some way by addiction, I would still ask that you take a few minutes to contact your representative and ask that he or she support this bill.  Just pay it forward.  Thanks.

 If you need help contacting your representative, just go to the website below (and you can send an email).   http://capwiz.com/state-al/home/


Spring is finally here!

Motorcycle Accident lawyer

Spring is here which means people are back outside.  Here’s a few tips for staying safe this spring.

 Motorcycles are a fun, but risky, spring activity.  Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash and 5 times more likely to be injured in a crash than a person in a passenger car.  Wearing a helmet reduces the likelihood of a crash fatality by 37%.  As we have seen in a number of motorcycle cases we have handled, many motorcycle wrecks are caused by nothing more than the other driver’s failure to see the motorcycle on the road.  So, it’s important for motorcyclists to wear appropriate safety gear and for drivers to be on the lookout for motorcycles.

 Spring also means the return of lawn mowing.  Make sure your lawn mower is in good working order before using it.  Be sure the motor is off before inspecting or repairing equipment. If debris gets stuck in the blade, use a stick or broom to remove it, not your hands. And make sure not to remove any safety devices or shields.

 Spring also means kids will be back outside.  Make sure to watch your speed in neighborhoods.  Children are often unpredictable and do not appreciate the dangers of cars.  If you are aware of children playing, you are better prepared to react to children darting in front of your car at the last moment.

 Hodges Trial Lawyers urges you to stay safe this spring and enjoy the warm temperatures!

Jeremiah appears on Law Line on WAAY 31

Law Line 1

Jeremiah Hodges made a guest appearance on Law Line on the ABC affiliate WAAY 31.  Law Line is a live, weekly, thirty minute show broadcasted on Sunday nights where viewers are encouraged to call in with their legal questions.  Jeremiah answered a number of callers’ questions relating to car wrecks, liability issues, insurance coverage and claims, and whether individuals needed an attorney to handle specific issues.  While not all questions were simple enough to be answered on air, Jeremiah was able to help numerous callers with their specific legal problems.

Hodges Trial Lawyers enjoys giving back to the community by participating in events where we can use our training and talents to help those who might not otherwise have access to lawyers.  Last year, Tim McFalls of Hodges Trial Lawyers, participated in the Law Day All Call telethon that occurred at WHNT 31.  The All Call was a day long telethon where lawyers continuously answered phone calls and gave out legal advice to callers.  The event was deemed a huge success by the Madison County Volunteers Lawyers program.  Our lawyers appreciate the opportunity to give back to the community they are proud to represent.Law Line 2