Critical Information: Get Smart About Xarelto

Perhaps you or a loved one has taken or been prescribed Xarelto in the past and suffered excessive bleeding or death due to the drug’s effects. Many doctors prescribe Xarelto to prevent blood clots in patients that have undergone surgery that in turn limits their mobility. Some patients have suffered harm after a joint replacement or other major surgery due to complications caused by the drug. The most serious problem that can result from taking Xarelto is internal bleeding which can require additional surgery to resolve. The current litigation is against the drugs manufacturers Bayer and Johnson & Johnson claiming that they failed to warn consumers about the risks of the drugs. In some cases, medical malpractice can occur if the physician has failed to take notice of risks or has been persuaded by a drug company.  If you feel that you or a family member has been wronged by or injured by Xarelto then the attorneys at Hodges Trial Lawyers will be happy to discuss your legal options regarding this bad drug.

Is your head restraint set up properly?

Is your head rest correct?

If you are like us, you have probably never given a second’s thought to the location or height of the head restraint in your car.  Jeremiah recently attended a seminar on the physics of a car crash and learned about the importance of the head restraint in a car crash.  It really changed our perception of this safety device that we previously mostly ignored.

The top of your head restraint should aligned with the top of your head.  If your head restraint is too low, it essentially acts like a fulcrum in certain types of car crashes.  A head restraint that is too plush or too soft is also not effective.  Most people, if they adjust their head restraints at all, do so for comfort.  Make sure yours is set up for maximum protection in a wreck.  You hope it will never happen to you, but if it does, you want to be prepared.

Uber in Huntsville: What You Need to Know

Uber X - A great value?

It is important for our readers to know how car insurance works when ride-sharing and a wreck occurs.  It is important to know the different risks you may face when choosing between using Uber or a taxi cab.

There is currently no Alabama law requiring ride-sharing drivers to carry insurance above and beyond traditional personal car insurance.  Generally, personal car insurance will not cover a ride-sharing driver  in the event of a wreck.  Personal auto insurance policies typically exclude coverage when using a vehicle as a business service.  If a ride-sharing driver has only their personal automobile insurance, he or she may be personally liable for damages caused.  Ride-sharing drivers should check with their company and/or their insurance agent to make sure they have coverage.

Similarly, if a passenger is involved in a wreck caused by the ride-sharing driver with only has a personal automobile insurance, the driver likely has no insurance.  This is often remedied by the ride sharing company, but you want to do your research to be sure.  Make sure the company provides coverage for its drivers and UM/UIM coverage as well.  Be safe and educated on the risks of driving or riding with these cutting edge services.

Dangers of driving during the winter and spring

Winter Driving in Alabama

Over 1.3 million car accidents (23%) in the United States occur due to weather-related incidents. As we finish the last bit of winter weather, here are some dangers to be aware of as you are driving.

Icy roads can be a dangerous factor when driving. The ground stays cold longer, so even if it’s not freezing outside, the ground could still be cold enough to form ice. Black ice is even more dangerous because it looks like a wet road, but it is actually quite slick and could cause problems for drivers. To avoid troubles with icy roads, make sure to drive slowly and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so you do not rush.

Winter is also a time to be aware of your tire pressure. Atmospheric changes can cause the pressure in your tires to decrease, leading to accidents. Make sure you check your tires’ pressure before you head out.

Five tips from a personal injury lawyer to prevent dog bites

1. Know the law for your area. If you live inside the city limits, there is likely a leash ordinance in control. In the county, there may be no leash law, but it is likely that the county prohibit dogs from running wild around the neighborhood.
2. Be aware and be vigilant. If you have a neighbor that refuses to obey the law and lets its dog run loose in violation of leash laws, contact animal control or the sheriff’s department.
3. Teach your child not to approach a dog they do not know.
4. Don’t startle any dog, whether you know them or not. When you reach to pet a dog, make sure they can see and identify you.
5. Never leave any dog, not even your best friend, alone with a baby or small child.

Our firm has handled a number of dog bite cases and they often have tragic results. Being bitten by a dog can scar a child physically and emotionally for life and rob them of one of life’s great relationships. Following these steps can help prevent this from occurring.

Can you see when driving at night?

Most of the contributing factors in night-time crashes are directly or indirectly involved with vision. In fact, most states have visual acuity requirements in order for licensure. In the state of Alabama, the visual acuity requirement for licensure without restrictions other than corrective lenses is 20/40. The minimum visual acuity required for licensure, better eye or both eyes together, with or without added restrictions or conditions, is 20/60. If you are involved in an accident and require corrective lenses, you could be guilty of contributory negligence if you were not wearing your corrective lenses. For your safety and the safety of others, always remember to wear your corrective lenses if you require them. If you are not sure if you need corrective lenses, you should go have your eyes examined.

Deer Season Safety Tips

As we enter fall and start losing our afternoon daylight faster, remember that deer season is upon us.  It is during this time of year, especially during the dusk hours that deer incidents increase.

 Having lived in Alaska for some years, Moose season is extremely dangerous.  Moose are huge and can wreak havoc on both vehicles and drivers.  While we do not have to worry about Moose in Alabama, deer can still wreak havoc as well.  What I did learn driving in the early morning dawn or the evening dusk is to be more vigilant and be more aware of deer which may be standing near the edge of the road ready to cross.

 Should a deer jump out in front of your vehicle and an accident is unavoidable, as with moose, you want to aim for the hind quarters as this will push the deer away from your vehicle.  An impact anywhere else runs the risk of the animal being thrown to the top of your hood and possibly into your windshield.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is approaching, and while having fun, you also want to make sure that your property is safe for the trick-or treaters that will be coming. The following are some tips to make this Halloween not only enjoyable, but safe for everyone.

  • First and foremost, do not leave any open flames on your property unsupervised. This can include bon fires and candles on your walkway.
  • Make sure that your pets are inside and secured so that they are not able to get loose when you open your door. This not only keeps your pets safe, but eliminates the possibility of someone getting injured by your pet.
  • Ensure that your decorations are securely and properly hung and cannot fall off or down onto someone. Make sure that any holes in your yard are either roped off or filled in and are not trip hazards.
  • Likewise, make sure that if you have any electrical cords running through your yard that they are covered so someone cannot trip and fall over them. This also applies to any tools or toys that may be in your yard. Make sure that your yard is clear from anything that could be a trip hazard.

 This is just a short list of some suggestions that you can do to help keep everyone safe on Halloween night. We want everyone to have a safe and happy Halloween!

Don’t Forget it’s TIme for Football Tailgating Safety

It’s finally football season again and that means it’s time to tailgate at home or on the road with your favorite football team.We wanted to give you a few safety tips to ensure your tailgating experience is a safe and enjoyable experience this fall.

 ·         Be careful with the grill – Grilling is an essential part of tailgating.  But it’s also one of the most dangerous hazards if not used correctly.  Wait until charcoal is cool to the touch before discarding them in bins designed for coals. On gas grills, check all hoses to make sure they did not get punctured or come loose while being transported.  Double check to make sure you turned off the propane tank before you leave your tailgate as well.

 ·        Bring a fire extinguisher and first aid kit – When cooking with fire, there is always the potential for a flare up that gets out of control. A small fire extinguisher ensures that small flare up doesn’t become a big fire. Also, a small first aid kit is always smart to have on hand whenever traveling and especially at a tailgate where people can get burned by grills or injured tossing around a football.

 ·        Watch out for the sun! – Early in the season many of those afternoon games still have high heat indexes.  Make sure the stay hydrated with plenty of water.  Also, don’t forget to bring the sunscreen to make sure you don’t get burned.

 ·        Designate a driver – Make sure someone in your group is good to drive and isn’t under the influence of alcohol. The worst way to end a tailgate is getting pulled over for a DUI when it can easily be avoided with some responsible planning.

Surviving Rush Hour Traffic by Just Paying Attention

As our city of Huntsville grows, so does the rush hour traffic. The number of cars traveling the parkway during rush hour has increased tremendously over the last few years. South Memorial Parkway can be a dangerous place during afternoon rush hour. This statement was proven yesterday, July 21st, when three vehicles were involved in a wreck at the intersection of Lily Flagg and South Memorial Parkway. Six people were transported to the hospital with various injuries. As the traffic flow increases so does the attention of drivers. We as drivers have to make sure we have all of our attention focused on the task at hand, driving.