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1. Know the law for your area. If you live inside the city limits, there is likely a leash ordinance in control. In the county, there may be no leash law, but it is likely that the county prohibit dogs from running wild around the neighborhood.
2. Be aware and be vigilant. If you have a neighbor that refuses to obey the law and lets its dog run loose in violation of leash laws, contact animal control or the sheriff’s department.
3. Teach your child not to approach a dog they do not know.
4. Don’t startle any dog, whether you know them or not. When you reach to pet a dog, make sure they can see and identify you.
5. Never leave any dog, not even your best friend, alone with a baby or small child.

Our firm has handled a number of dog bite cases and they often have tragic results. Being bitten by a dog can scar a child physically and emotionally for life and rob them of one of life’s great relationships. Following these steps can help prevent this from occurring.

Deer Season Safety Tips

As we enter fall and start losing our afternoon daylight faster, remember that deer season is upon us.  It is during this time of year, especially during the dusk hours that deer incidents increase.

 Having lived in Alaska for some years, Moose season is extremely dangerous.  Moose are huge and can wreak havoc on both vehicles and drivers.  While we do not have to worry about Moose in Alabama, deer can still wreak havoc as well.  What I did learn driving in the early morning dawn or the evening dusk is to be more vigilant and be more aware of deer which may be standing near the edge of the road ready to cross.

 Should a deer jump out in front of your vehicle and an accident is unavoidable, as with moose, you want to aim for the hind quarters as this will push the deer away from your vehicle.  An impact anywhere else runs the risk of the animal being thrown to the top of your hood and possibly into your windshield.

As our city of Huntsville grows, so does the rush hour traffic. The number of cars traveling the parkway during rush hour has increased tremendously over the last few years. South Memorial Parkway can be a dangerous place during afternoon rush hour. This statement was proven yesterday, July 21st, when three vehicles were involved in a wreck at the intersection of Lily Flagg and South Memorial Parkway. Six people were transported to the hospital with various injuries. As the traffic flow increases so does the attention of drivers. We as drivers have to make sure we have all of our attention focused on the task at hand, driving.

Pilot texting a factor in deadly copter crash

By now we all have learned about the danger of texting while driving.  In fact in many areas this is now illegal.  Here is an example of how the potential deadly activity can even affect pilots.  Click here to read more about this horrific accident.

BabyHome USA Inc Chairs Recalled

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of almost 1,100 baby high chairs from BabyHome USA Inc. due to strangulation hazards. The agency said the area between the tray and seat bottom is large enough to allow a small child to slide through and become stuck at the neck, posing a strangulation risk. There have been no reported injuries.

Staff Report, PR Newswire 04/01/2013 Read Article: PR Newswire

Exercise equipment manufacturer Fitness Anywhere has issued a recall on its line of P1 (“Professional”) and T1 (“Tactical) TRX Suspension Trainer devices manufactured from January 2007 to July 2008 because of numerous reports of injuries.  The effected units have a black and yellow anchor straps without a nylon locking loop.  It is imperative that you stop using these devices immediately if you are using a machine that may have been built by Fitness Anywhere during these dates, as there have already been thirteen reported head, face, shoulder, and hip injuries.  Remember:  it is illegal to resell or to attempt to resell a recalled product.

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Bumbo Baby Seats Recalled

Bumbo International has recently recalled about 4 million of its baby seats after 50 reports of injury.  Babies can maneuver out of the seat intentionally or fall out of it by accident.  Consumers are advised to stop using the affected seats immediately until they get the free repair kit provided by Bumbo, containing warning stickers and a restraining belt.