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Issues with prescription drugs in 2011

Between 2 to 4 million Americans suffered serious, disabling or fatal injuries after using prescription drugs in 2011, based on estimates from data issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Source: QuarterWatch October 2012, Institute for Safe Medication Practices

Because of a startling Supreme Court ruling, generic drug manufacturers cannot be held accountable in court for failing to warn consumers like Karen and Kira about deadly side-effects. Since 80 percent of the 4 billion prescriptions written in America are now filled with generics, You Should Know the facts and what consumer advocates are doing to stop this injustice. Families seek justice.  >>>

76,000 Acura TSX Vehicles Recalled

Honda has issued a recall of more than 76,000 Acura TSX vehicles, model years 2004-2008, due to a stalling issue. The vehicles recalled were only sold in salt-belt states, and the company says road salt that gets into the floor of the car may damage the electronic control unit in the vehicle. The automaker said it has not received any reports of accidents related to the recall.

Christopher Jensen, The New York Times 03/22/2013.  Read More at 76,000 Acua X Vehicles Recalled!

Faces, Hands Burned by Mr. Coffee

The Consumer Product Safety Commision has issued a recall notice for 600,000 Mr. Coffee brewers.  Apparently, the coffee maker can malfunction, spewing a stream of scalding hot water and coffee grounds at the face and hands.  Already there have been 61 reported injuries as a result of this defect.  The coffee makers are approximately 11 inches tall; are black with sliver, red or white trim; and were sold for between $60 and $80.  If you believe you have an effected unit, stop using it immediately and contact Jarden at 800-993-8609 for details on getting a free replacement unit.


Night Lights Recalled

Energizer Rotating Night Lights, sold exclusively through Target from 2010 to July 2012, have been recalled due to a defect which causes them to overheat and become a burn hazard.  While no injuries have been reported, there have been nine cases of the lights overheating with three reported incidents of property damage.  About 260,000 units nationwide are effected by the recall.  If you have on the recalled lights, unplug it and stop using it immediately.

Nikon Recalls Battery Packs due to Burn Hazard

Nikon has recently recalled battery packs sold in its Digital SLR Cameras due to a defect causing it to short circuit. The packs pose a significant burn injury risk, as the problem will cause the packs to overheat and even melt. To date, there have been seven incidents of the packs overheating, but no reports of any injuries. If you own a SLR D800 or D7000 camera, check the serial number of the battery pack. If the ninth character is not an “E” or an “F”, then your pack is not part of the Nikon recall.

A manufacturing flaw in the 2013 Ford Escape could cause engine fires or other dangerous accidents. Ford reports that 2.0 and 2.6 liter engines are not affected, meaning that if you own a 2013 Ford Escape with a 1.6 liter engine, you should contact your dealership. Dealers will provide transportation for the car, repairs to fix the defective fuel line, and a loaner vehicle for customers to drive while their Escapes are in the shop.