Children’s Wooden Play Sets Recalled

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall to repair wooden play sets sold under various brand names including Bellevue, Bellevue II, Belmont and Durango.  These wooden play sets have posts made from wood that is susceptible to rot and related damage.  Once weakened, these wooden posts become a hazard as they are more likely to fall.  Adventure Playsets has learned of more than 1,400 reports of ladders that have rotted and many have resulted in injuries.  More injuries occurred when the swing came out of the monkey bar/ swing beam that had rotted. Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and other major national retailers are known to have carried the play sets.   The sets in question are listed below with the model numbers.

Durango 1-AP016 and 1- AP018 Yukon 1-AP052
Tacoma 1- AP017 and 1-AP051 El Dorado 1-AP016
Bellevue 1-AP048, and 1-AP012 Dakota 1- AP046
Sherwood 1-AP049 Sedona 1- AP002
Ventura 1-AP008 Madison 1- AP006 and 1-AP015
Belmont 1-AP003 



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