Common Sense Rules for Winter Driving

Yesterday Birmingham had a snow storm with an accumulation of approximately 1-2 inches of snow.  The city shut down, the roads were piled with cars, the roads closed, people abandoned their vehicles and walked home, and others stayed with their vehicles and slept in them over night.

While it is true the south doesn’t experience snow very often, there are standard rules for winter driving that everyone can follow to ensure a safe passage home.  Rule 1: Slow down – have respect for the snow and ice – drive for the conditions by slowing down.  Rule 2: Keep more than a safe distance between you and the car in front of you – this allows you time to stop without a collision and time to maneuver should the car in front of you begin to slide or go off road into the ditch.  Rule 3: Do Not Slam On Your Brakes – always apply slow even pressure to brakes in wintery conditions to help prevent an out of control skid situation.