It’s finally football season again and that means it’s time to tailgate at home or on the road with your favorite football team.We wanted to give you a few safety tips to ensure your tailgating experience is a safe and enjoyable experience this fall.

 ·         Be careful with the grill – Grilling is an essential part of tailgating.  But it’s also one of the most dangerous hazards if not used correctly.  Wait until charcoal is cool to the touch before discarding them in bins designed for coals. On gas grills, check all hoses to make sure they did not get punctured or come loose while being transported.  Double check to make sure you turned off the propane tank before you leave your tailgate as well.

 ·        Bring a fire extinguisher and first aid kit – When cooking with fire, there is always the potential for a flare up that gets out of control. A small fire extinguisher ensures that small flare up doesn’t become a big fire. Also, a small first aid kit is always smart to have on hand whenever traveling and especially at a tailgate where people can get burned by grills or injured tossing around a football.

 ·        Watch out for the sun! – Early in the season many of those afternoon games still have high heat indexes.  Make sure the stay hydrated with plenty of water.  Also, don’t forget to bring the sunscreen to make sure you don’t get burned.

 ·        Designate a driver – Make sure someone in your group is good to drive and isn’t under the influence of alcohol. The worst way to end a tailgate is getting pulled over for a DUI when it can easily be avoided with some responsible planning.