Maybe you don’t need a personal injury lawyer

Sometimes people call us with a situation where they are clearly and indisputable owed money by another individual or a corporation.  Occasionally, someone’s car has been hit and they were not in the car.  In that instance, it can be hard to assist the consumer because the monies they should receive is only enough to repair or replace the vehicle.  If the consumer had to pay us, he or she would not have enough money to repair or replace the vehicle that was damaged in the car wreck.  If the issue is clear and the damages, or monies to be received by the consumer, are small, we sometimes recommend proceeding in small claims court.  In Madison County, you can download the forms online.  Go to and fill out the Small Claims Form and Small Claims Summons.  You will need the proper name and mailing address of the person or entity you sue.  You do not need a lawyer for small claims court as you are permitted to represent yourself.  The complex rules of evidence do not apply and the Judge will let you tell your story and shares any documents or photos that prove your case.  Typically, we only recommend this course of action for a case not involving personal injury.  You are only permitted to recover up to $3,000.00 in small claims court.