Hodges Trial Lawyers has filed a lawsuit against State Farm for its failure to compensate its policy holder for damage to his home.  Rather than processing and paying the homeowner’s claim as required by the homeowner’s insurance policy, State Farm has chosen the classic insurance company approach of “Deny, Delay, Defend.”  Despite their commercials’ claims they’re a “good neighbor” and always “there,” State Farm has shown a clear history of turning its back on its own insured when the policyholders need them most.

Our firm has filed a lawsuit demanding that State Farm pay for the damages sustained to the home as required under the homeowner’s policy.  It is unfortunate that individuals who pay insurance premiums for years cannot trust  their insurance companies to do the right thing when a claim is made.  However, Hodges Trial Lawyers is here to protect those homeowners whose insurance companies, such as State Farm, refuse to be “there” in your time of need.  Perhaps if State Farm spent the money it spends on witty commercials on paying legitimate claims, it could be the good neighbor for a change.