Michelle Garcia and Angie Firmalino have never met in person, but together they are warning thousands of women about complications associated with Essure. Billed as effective, permanent and surgery-free birth control, the Essure procedure involves blocking the fallopian tubes with inserts that look like tiny metal coils. One of Michelle’s coils broke and pierced her abdomen, requiring surgery to remove the coil and both damaged fallopian tubes. After suffering sharp stabbing pains, heavy bleeding, fevers, fatigue and depression for two years, Angie also had the coils removed only to discover that a piece broke off during surgery and remains lodged in her uterus.

Since starting a Facebook page and website called Essure Problems to warn friends and families about the product, Angie has heard from hundreds of other women who have also suffered complications from Essure. Meanwhile, Michelle is working with the American Association for Justice to protest a Supreme Court decision that exempts the manufacturers of FDA-approved medical devices like Essure from legal responsibility for injuries caused by their products. Read more about MichelleAngie and the latest news about women struggling with Essure.