I was recently told about a Protective Industrial Life Policy for which a deceased paid 27.00 weekly for 42 years and the burial benefit was $200.00. After paying premiums of $60,000.00 over 42 years, the beneficiary receives $200.00 to apply to burial expense. The Alabama Insurance Commission needs to be more accountable to Alabama consumers. This type of policies are grossly unfair to Alabama consumers. You may wish to review any policies you carry that may be essentially “worthless.” It makes me think of my friend’s mother who once made monthly “payments” for an insured telephone from the telephone company. Over the years she paid thousands of dollars for a phone worth much less than $100.00 when it was brand new. Just because you can charge someone a ton of money, does not make it the right thing to do. If you have any questions about the fairness of an insurance policy that you are paying for, please let us know.

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