Simple ways to help avoid being involved in a car crash

We have recently written about the devastating I75 car crash that resulted in horrible injuries and the loss of human life.    You can read our comments here.  We most often deal with victims of personal injury AFTER they have already been hurt.  Obviously, our job as personal injury lawyers is to help victims of an injury such as a car crash obtain the most favorable personal injury settlement or verdict we can.

We feel it is our duty to our clients, friends, and readers to provide information to help you avoid these types of dangers.  Here are some common sense things that you can do to help protect yourself and your family.  Unfortunately, common sense is not as common as you might think.


1.   Prior to taking any road trip, always check for weather and unusual conditions along your route.

2.   Be sure to adjust your speed to be sure it is appropriate for the current conditions.  Most of us have observed drivers ignoring heavy rain, fog, or other dangerous conditions.

3.   While it is critical any time you are driving, it is even more essential when conditions are less than idea.  Texting, cell phone usage and other distractions can prevent a quick reaction which may be necessary to avoid this kind of tragedy.  Distracted driving is always a bad idea.

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