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Was Casey Anthony guilty?

I don’t know.  In our criminal justice system, the State has the burden of proof.  The State must convince the Jury that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Twelve jurors listened to all the evidence and reached a verdict of not guilty on the charges related to Caylee’s death.

As a parent, I am appalled at the conduct Ms. Anthony was accused of and sincerely hope that she was not guilty of same.  I have heard from other lawyers that watched the trial that say the prosecutors “overreached” and did not have as strong a case as the commentators would have you believe.  Ask yourself, did the media scrutiny affect the jurors?  I know Nancy Grace disagrees with the verdict.  Ask yourself, does Nancy Grace truly care about justice for Caylee or ratings (and money) for herself

In my opinion, the prosecutors should have charged her with something less than premeditated murder.  In my opinion, the prosecutors got caught up in the spotlight and got greedy.  They “swung for the fences” instead of basing the charges on what they could prove.

It is important for us to remember that anyone accused of a crime enters the courtroom with a Presumption of Innocence.  Our justice system is built around that idea that it is more important to insure that an innocent person is not convicted of a crime he/she did not commit than to ensure that every person who commits a crime is convicted of it.  This system ensures that no one is deprived of their civil liberties guaranteed under our Constitution and Bill of Rights unless it is clear that they have committed a crime that requires these liberties be taken away.  This judicial system was developed by our Founding Fathers and has served our country well for just over 235 years.

While most of us would disagree with Ms. Anthony’s conduct after her child died, her actions alone cannot prove the prosecutor’s case.  12 jurors in Florida listened to all the evidence and felt that the prosecution had not proven all elements of the serious crimes Ms. Anthony was accused of.

I believe in the jury system.  I believe juries get it right more often than they get it wrong.  If the State failed to prove its case, the jury did the right thing.  We don’t want to live in a world where juries do what the news media and commentators like Nancy Grace tell them to do.  We want juries to do what is right even if we don’t like it.

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