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Dishwasher Fire Hazard

More than a million GE Dishwashers have been recalled due to defect causing the heating elements to fail and cause fires.  There have been seven reports of accidents, three of which caused extensive property damage, but so far there have been no injuries or deaths.  GE has offered free repairs or rebates for the damaged products and urges those with affected machines to stop using them immediately and to disconnect them from any power source.

A manufacturing flaw in the 2013 Ford Escape could cause engine fires or other dangerous accidents. Ford reports that 2.0 and 2.6 liter engines are not affected, meaning that if you own a 2013 Ford Escape with a 1.6 liter engine, you should contact your dealership. Dealers will provide transportation for the car, repairs to fix the defective fuel line, and a loaner vehicle for customers to drive while their Escapes are in the shop.

Dalfampridine, used to treat multiple sclerosis, is now believed to cause seizures even at normal doses. There appears to be a clear link, according to MedPage Today, between the medication and seizures even in patients with no seizure history. The issue is believed to be related to the medication causing kidney impairment. You may want to discuss this with your doctor if he or she prescribes Dalfampridine.