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Maybe you don’t need a personal injury lawyer

Sometimes people call us with a situation where they are clearly and indisputable owed money by another individual or a corporation.  Occasionally, someone’s car has been hit and they were not in the car.  In that instance, it can be hard to assist the consumer because the monies they should receive is only enough to repair or replace the vehicle.  If the consumer had to pay us, he or she would not have enough money to repair or replace the vehicle that was damaged in the car wreck.  If the issue is clear and the damages, or monies to be received by the consumer, are small, we sometimes recommend proceeding in small claims court.  In Madison County, you can download the forms online.  Go to and fill out the Small Claims Form and Small Claims Summons.  You will need the proper name and mailing address of the person or entity you sue.  You do not need a lawyer for small claims court as you are permitted to represent yourself.  The complex rules of evidence do not apply and the Judge will let you tell your story and shares any documents or photos that prove your case.  Typically, we only recommend this course of action for a case not involving personal injury.  You are only permitted to recover up to $3,000.00 in small claims court.

Dishwasher Fire Hazard

More than a million GE Dishwashers have been recalled due to defect causing the heating elements to fail and cause fires.  There have been seven reports of accidents, three of which caused extensive property damage, but so far there have been no injuries or deaths.  GE has offered free repairs or rebates for the damaged products and urges those with affected machines to stop using them immediately and to disconnect them from any power source.

Dalfampridine, used to treat multiple sclerosis, is now believed to cause seizures even at normal doses. There appears to be a clear link, according to MedPage Today, between the medication and seizures even in patients with no seizure history. The issue is believed to be related to the medication causing kidney impairment. You may want to discuss this with your doctor if he or she prescribes Dalfampridine.

In these difficult economic times, people everywhere are looking for ways to save money. The following is a list of things that are unsafe to buy on that Saturday morning treasure hunt.
1. Bike or motorcycle helmets:  These are designed to protect the head for one accident.  You may not be able to see the damage to the interior foam.  It may seem like a bargain, but if you or child suffer a serious head injury it won’t be.
2. Child car seats:  As with the bike helmets, these should be replaced once subjected to significant force or impact.  It may look safe, but it isn’t worth the risk.  Even if the seat hasn’t been damaged, new car seats are technologically advance over those just a few years old.
3. Tires:  Tires that have been involved in a significant car accident are not generally reusable.  They may be unstable or unpredictable when you need them most.
4. Cribs:  Crib recalls are unfortunately common events.  Not having the original paperwork or the ability to register the crib makes it next to impossible to track its recall status.

Our new location

We are pleased to announce that our Huntsville office is now at a new location.  Our new address is:

200 West Side Square
Suite 309
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

To get to our office, you will turn right on Spring Street at the intersection of Spring and Jefferson Street.  Turn left into the parking garage from Spring Street.  Be sure to keep your ticket and we will validate your parking.

Our firm will continue to focus on the following:

  • Car, Motorcycle, and Truck Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Social Security Disability

Below are a few photos of our new office.  We will post more as everything is completed.  We look forward to seeing you.

hodges trial lawyers conference room   Hodges Trials Attorney Office

hodges trial lawyers reception area

waiting area for hodges trial lawyers

This time of year, many people take to the water to avoid the blistering heat. When around water, you should be aware of the signs of drowning as it does not look like you might expect. The following are signs of drowning:

  • Head only partially above water
  • Failing to gain distance while appearing to swim
  • Appearing to swim while vertical
  • Appearing to climb an “invisible ladder”
  • Hair in mouth and eyes: person may be focused on breathing, not seeing

You will note that none of the above describes flailing about and screaming for help like you see in the movies. Please be safe this summer and enjoy the water responsibly. Have the appropriate life preservers, especially when children are involved.

April is Distracted Driving Month

April is Distracted Driving Month. Join us and thousands of Americans in urging drivers to keep their eyes, hands and minds on the road. And let’s start with our kids, the group at greatest risk for death or injury from distracted driving. Thank you!

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