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Should I Pay my Copay

One question that is often asked by new clients is whether or not they should pay the co-pays when they visit a doctor after a wreck. We often have clients say that they should not have to pay these co-pays because the person who caused the wreck should pay them. Ultimately, the responsible party will end up paying for those co-pays in the settlement regardless of whether you pay them now or wait to pay them later.

We recommend that you pay your co-pays and outstanding medical bills if you are able. If you refuse to pay your co-pays because you want the other side to pay them, the only person it can hurt is you. When an insurance company makes an offer to settle a case, they are considering the out-of-pocket expenses you incurred for your medical care, which includes your co-pays and deductibles. The settlement offer will not change if these bills are paid or unpaid. So you are not increasing your offer by leaving these bills unpaid.  Therefore, there is no gain for you to leave these bills unpaid. However, there are potential negative effects that could occur to your credit score if these bills remain unpaid.  If the insurance company stalls the case, which is common, these debts will remain unpaid and your medical providers may decide to send the bills to collections. This will affect your overall credit score negatively because you will have bills listed as unpaid and sent to collections. Given enough time this can become bad debt and be reflected on your credit score. It is not uncommon to see clients credit scores lower by a small amount if they choose to not pay their co-pays.

We understand that not everyone is financially able to pay their co-pays and outstanding deductibles after a wreck. We have methods we use to try and delay medical providers from sending debts to collections while we attempt to settle your case. So if you find yourself injured after a wreck come talk to the lawyers at Hodges Trial Lawyers and we would be happy to discuss your options!

Michelle Garcia and Angie Firmalino have never met in person, but together they are warning thousands of women about complications associated with Essure. Billed as effective, permanent and surgery-free birth control, the Essure procedure involves blocking the fallopian tubes with inserts that look like tiny metal coils. One of Michelle’s coils broke and pierced her abdomen, requiring surgery to remove the coil and both damaged fallopian tubes. After suffering sharp stabbing pains, heavy bleeding, fevers, fatigue and depression for two years, Angie also had the coils removed only to discover that a piece broke off during surgery and remains lodged in her uterus.

Since starting a Facebook page and website called Essure Problems to warn friends and families about the product, Angie has heard from hundreds of other women who have also suffered complications from Essure. Meanwhile, Michelle is working with the American Association for Justice to protest a Supreme Court decision that exempts the manufacturers of FDA-approved medical devices like Essure from legal responsibility for injuries caused by their products. Read more about MichelleAngie and the latest news about women struggling with Essure.

The big three causes of summertime injuries

Summer is in full swing and kids are everywhere, wringing out every glorious minute of summer vacation before it’s back to school. And you know what that means: a whole new round of bumps and bruises! The big three causes of summertime injuries are pools, bikes and playgrounds. In the following posts we will give tips for making these three activities safer for you children.

Holiday Safety Tips

As the holiday season approaches, here are few tips to stay safe:

  1. Don’t drink and drive.  Holiday parties are fun, but don’t let your better judgment get lost in the fun.
  2. Don’t use indoor Christmas lights outside.
  3. Do ignore your inner Clark Griswold and don’t overload your circuits with more than three (3) standard strings of lights per extension cord.
  4. Keep matches, lighters, and candles out of the reach of children.
  5. Don’t put aspirin in the water for your Christmas tree if you have pets.  It can kill them.

Blinds Recalled after Cord Strangles Infant

Blinds Xpress is recalling 450,000 of its blinds after a 2 year old girl was strangled in the loop of a vertical blind cord.  This recall effects 139,000 custom vertical blinds and 315,000 horizontal blinds.  The blinds were sold from January 1995 to December 2011.  Customers should immediately stop using the blinds and should go to to receive a free repair kit.

Snap Bracelets Pose Laceration Hazard

Toy importer, Toysmith, has recalled various animal snap bracelets manufactured in China after it became evident that it posed a danger to children.  Apparently, the metal band can wear through the fabric, causing cuts and lacerations on the child ‘snapping’ the bracelet.  There have been eight reported injuries, but no major accidents.  Parents can return the bracelets to the retailer they bought it from for a full refund.

Nikon Recalls Battery Packs due to Burn Hazard

Nikon has recently recalled battery packs sold in its Digital SLR Cameras due to a defect causing it to short circuit. The packs pose a significant burn injury risk, as the problem will cause the packs to overheat and even melt. To date, there have been seven incidents of the packs overheating, but no reports of any injuries. If you own a SLR D800 or D7000 camera, check the serial number of the battery pack. If the ninth character is not an “E” or an “F”, then your pack is not part of the Nikon recall.