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What’s your drug safety IQ?

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Adverse side effects from a long list of medications are on the rise in America. How much do you know about the prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet?

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How acccurate are prescription drug labels?

A new study finds that more than two-thirds of generic drugs have some labeling discrepancies. Of more than 1,000 generic drugs reviewed, most had small differences compared to brand-name drugs. However, 9 percent had differences of more than 10 side effects.

Source: Inconsistency Seen in Safety Labeling for Generic Drugs, US News & World Report Health

Simple ways to help avoid being involved in a car crash

We have recently written about the devastating I75 car crash that resulted in horrible injuries and the loss of human life.    You can read our comments here.  We most often deal with victims of personal injury AFTER they have already been hurt.  Obviously, our job as personal injury lawyers is to help victims of an injury such as a car crash obtain the most favorable personal injury settlement or verdict we can.

We feel it is our duty to our clients, friends, and readers to provide information to help you avoid these types of dangers.  Here are some common sense things that you can do to help protect yourself and your family.  Unfortunately, common sense is not as common as you might think.


1.   Prior to taking any road trip, always check for weather and unusual conditions along your route.

2.   Be sure to adjust your speed to be sure it is appropriate for the current conditions.  Most of us have observed drivers ignoring heavy rain, fog, or other dangerous conditions.

3.   While it is critical any time you are driving, it is even more essential when conditions are less than idea.  Texting, cell phone usage and other distractions can prevent a quick reaction which may be necessary to avoid this kind of tragedy.  Distracted driving is always a bad idea.

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Where does the money go if a Plaintiff wins at trial?

Please read the below article from our friend Howard Spiva, Savannah lawyer.

Many people, including jurors have misconceptions on “big verdicts”. Often folks think winning a law suit or settlement is like hitting the lottery.

The truth is no one would want the injuries that our clients have in most of our cases for any amount of money.

When you recover a jury verdict the first thing that happens is that a portion of the money goes to pay medical bills. Now you might say doesn’t everyone have insurance? Well the sad truth of today is that many people do not have insurance. However if there is insurance, most have a right or subrogation or reimbursement.

Insurance whether someone has health insurance or car insurance it is something that is hidden from you actually while you are sitting on a jury. The other thing that happens is if medical bills have been paid by a health benefit plan or a health insurance company, they are looking to be reimbursed. So a portion of the money that the jury awards must go either to pay the doctors or to reimburse the health plan.

The second thing that happens is you have the cost of the trial. The costs of trial can vary from a few thousand to over one hundred thousand in complicated cases. Costs include depositions of witnesses, doctors, experts and other medical providers. We have cases in our office today that the costs already exceed one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

If doctors come to trial live just that testimony can costs anywhere between $5,000-10,000 to pay them for time missed from surgery, time missed from seeing patients in the office, time preparing for the trial. Many cases have multiple doctors involved.

Costs and medical bills are not anything the lawyer gets or the client. These monies go straight to the doctors. If the doctor testified by video tape deposition anywhere from $3,000-5,000 will have spent to get that doctor there.

Typically lost wages will be reimbursed even though someone may have had sick leave or vacation time they used. That is now time they can’t use because they have already burned it.
So if a jury awards money for lost wages that goes to compensate for time lost from work.

Of course the lawyer is going to get paid. Typically they have been working on case for a couple years without any guarantee of getting paid. They are charging typically between a third and 40% of the recovery.

Finally after all those things are paid, the client/ injured person gets what is left over to compensate for any their harms and losses including their permanent disability, scarring, pain and suffering, and other intangibles.

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