1. Retain all check writing authority.  This forces the owner, in the absence of forgery, to be involved in the check writing and prevents the temptation of writing checks that are not for the benefit of the business.  In the case filed by our firm, the Defendant was writing herself additional paychecks and even got so bold as to pay personal bills out of company funds.
  2.  Require multiple signatures for checks over a certain amount, i.e. $1,000.00.
  3. Do not get lulled into believing it could never happen to you, accountability keeps people honest in many instances.
  4. Never sign a blank check.
  5. Never have a signature stamp.
  6. Review your bank statements monthly or at least randomly spot check them.  This way you can see any unusually checks or ACH activity.

Hodges Trial Lawyers has recently filed a lawsuit to help a local business that’s been a victim of fraud recover their stolen funds.