Turn Lanes and How to Use Them

Maybe I just attract bad drivers, but the last few days I have been behind drivers who have stopped in the lane of travel to get into a turning lane.  Not only is this unnecessary, but it is highly dangerous.

Turn lanes were designed to allow the progress of through traffic.  When one approaches a turn lane one does not have to wait until the last moment to enter said turn lane.  The lanes were designed so that a driver can enter it rather early and proceed to do their slowing down and stopping in the turn lane.  One also should take care to ensure that their entire vehicle is within the turn lane, again, so as not to impede through traffic.

 Always remember that, for the most part, roadways were designed for progress.  Use turn lanes appropriately, enter them early, and do your stopping in the turn lane as opposed to the lane of traffic.  We will all avoid potential car wrecks this way.