It’s easy to spot droughts causing serious damage to your property including brown lawns and wilted gardens.  The biggest devastation a drought can cause on your home is with the home’s foundation. During periods of prolonged dryness, the soil surrounding your home shrinks away, causing the foundation to potentially shift or crack. If not addressed quickly, these can grow into even bigger problems over time, such a flooding (especially if your home has a basement or crawl space) or structural damage.

Some common signs of foundation damage include cracks in the interior walls (these usually start in the basement if you have one), separations between concrete blocks in a block foundation, or cracks and crumbling of the concrete foundation. Other signs include doors that will not close properly and bulging floors.

If you spot any of these signs, contact a foundation specialist immediately. Rain does not make these problems go away. In fact, heavy rain can even aggravate these problems because you risk issues of the foundation shifting and flooding. In times of drought, it is important to be vigilant of these issues because if they are left unaddressed, they can cause even greater damage to your home.